Ecotube is a community of users and their videos about issues facing the world today from an ecological perspective.



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The web site is divided into individual channels. Each channel covers a different aspect of eco issues.

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Products Reviews – Real people reviewing real products

Talk – Speeches, Conferences and Interviews

Fun – The Lighter side of the serious side of eco issues

Travel – Transport, Fuels and Eco Tourism

Energy - Renewables, Fossil Fuels, emissions and new technologies

Act - Activism,campaigns & White Collar Genocide

Home - Eco products, technology, saving money and household tips

Know – Knowledge, Education

Gaia - Earth, Climate Change, Weather & Nature

News - Reports, Technology, Disasters

Shop - Products, adverts and consumerism

Freebies – Special Offers and Free Product Samples


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Maximum length of film for upload 10 minutes and 100 Meg file size.

if you have a longer film you’d like us to include then please contact us and we will arrange it if we like the film.

You can also add a reply to any video you watch.