Our mission is to build a community of like minded people. More than just a video sharing website, it’s a one stop video portal allowing viewers to make up their own minds about the issues facing our civilization today.

As an organization Ecotube holds no affiliation with any view points, we provide a forum for people to express their opinions on video and give them a right to reply about the issues facing our civilization today. We let you add your own comments to films that are submitted to our site, using words or video.

We are a more than profit company, we accept paid advertising in order to keep the website running so we can help be part of the tipping point in changing the way we live on the planet.

We advertise products for sale to maximize awareness of alternatives in the market place that are less damaging to the environment and encourage responsible use of the planet’s resources.

As the antithesis of the glossy marketing industry we encourage users to review eco products – we call this reality advertising.

So enjoy a slice of eco reality today and play your part in changing the world.

All the Best

Chris Smith
Executive Producer
Ecotube Ltd

Chris Smith

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