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American Politics climate change villains portrayed as action figures. 

Featuring some of the worst political characters including Koch brothers,Donald Trump & Saarah Palin

Climate Inaction Figures 00:01:21
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Sian Berry talks about the London election campaign in 2016 

Green Party Autumn conference 2015
Sian Berry - Green London Mayoral Candidate 00:09:34
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Campaign to stop Shell in the arctic was fronted by Emma Thompson and a Polar Bear outside the Shell Oil HQ.

Shell later relented on their plans after discovering very little oil.

It cost $7bn in losses for the company
Emma Thompson with Aurora outside Shell HQ 00:02:50
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Tory Richard Tracey denies the problem at Transport Question Time in London
Tories deny air pollution problem in London 0:01:48
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BP one of the worlds largest polluters is sponsoring the Olympics

Vote for the worst sponsors for London 2012
BP for Greenwash Olympics Gold 2012 0:01:23
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Green Party leader Caroline Lucas discusses the dangers of Fracking on Newsnight in March 2012
Caroline Lucas on Newsnight Fracking 0:06:02
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The United States Department of Defense boasts the worlds largest military budget. It also is the planets biggest polluter. With hundreds of military bases around the world, the Department is responsible for more waste than any other company or count
Pentagon Polluters 0:00:30
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Twilight actress Nikki Reed asks that everyone actually Give a Shit, on behalf of Go to to find out how you can help spread the Give a Shit movement.
Nikkie Reed asks you to give a shit 0:02:08
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Amazing advert from Chipotle shown during the ad break at the Grammys
Chipotle back to the start 0:02:20
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Green investment vs quantitative easing discussion on BBC 9th Feb
Caroline Lucas on quantitative easing 0:03:13
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Woolly Shepherd on Countryfile with Dragons Den Deborah Meaden
Woolly Shepherd on Countryfile 0:03:07
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Chilling Scene from the movie Margin Call discussing the credit crunch crash. Jeremy Irons & Kevin Spacey

a must see movie
Margin Call credit crunch movie 0:01:14
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Occupy take over the former Iraqi National Bank in Leadenhall Street London 27th Jan 2012
Occupy Iraqi Bank takeover 0:02:29
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Occupy take over the former national bank of Iraq in Leadenhall Street London
Occupy Iraqi Bank 0:02:28
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Panorama investigates rip off train fares in Britain
Taken for a ride 0:28:50
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Finger puppets explain the truth about Cop 17 and the countries stopping a new climate agreement
Cop 17 the story so far 0:01:41
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Woman becomes hysterical at student protests 

Watch to the end to find out why
Woman become hysterical at student protest 0:05:14
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Caroline Lucas speaking at St Pauls November 5th

Caroline Lucas at Occupy LSX St Pauls 0:04:21
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Banks make so much money because they can create money, effectively out of nothing, by lending. Every single pound in your bank account was created by a bank, not by your government.

A must see video

Why do banks make so much money 0:02:51
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Dispatches reports on Tower Hamlets and allegations of Islamic fundamentalism
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Controversial Disptaches documentary about the alleged rise of Islamic Fundamentalism

Includes interviews with the current mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfer Rahman
Britains Islamic Republic Pt 1 0:00:30
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Toroidal Vortices produced by dolphins, beluga whales, humpback whales, volcanoes, hydrogen bombs, and man.

Incredible Video
Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices 0:04:02
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The future of our oceans is in jeopardy.  In Europe, once plentiful stocks of fish have been decimated by bloated industrial-scale fishing fleets. The European laws that were supposed to protect our seas have become corrupted by greedy stakeholders,
Rotten paella 0:02:59
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Money As Debt II-Promises Unleashed explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the money system that holds us hostage to a forever growing DEBT... and how we might evolve beyond it into a new era.

Bailouts, stimulus packages,
Money as Debt 2 The Crash 1:17:28
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Incredibly made by Charlie Chaplin in his movie The Great Dictator.

As relevant now as the 1930s when it was filmed
The Greatest Speech Ever Made 0:03:37
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Do the Green Thing presents...just the ticket...
Just the ticket 0:00:37
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Donald Trumps Golf war pt 2
Trumps Golf War pt 2 0:00:30
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Donald Trump battles to open a golf course in Scotland and throw people out of their homes
Trumps Golf War pt 1 0:28:38
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Green Party leader talks about the dangers of gas fracking in the UK
Caroline Lucas on Gas Fracking 0:06:08
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Chris Smith talks about the Energy industry and asks the Question - Green Energy Saint or Sinner

Includes many interesting video clips

ecotricity,bp,oil spill
Green Energy Saint or Sinner 00:14:21
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Volkswagens Dark Side - how the car giant is doing its best to stop emissions cuts 

The video they tried to ban

Join the campaign
Volkswagens Dark Side 0:01:05
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TV debate with the Author of Deep Green Resistance which advocates more forceful behaviour for the Green Agenda
Eco Fascism and Green Terrorism 0:05:33
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Harry Potter battles it out against Walmart..
Harry Potter and the Dark Lord Waldemart 0:04:17
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The Advert Nespresso doesnt want you to see...

sign the campaign and tell them what you think
Nespresso and George Clooney 0:00:42
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Imagine: no more dirty coal power, no more mining deaths, no more nuclear disasters, no more polluted aquifers as a result of fracking. 

Our entire society powered by the quiet "woosh" of a wind turbine. Kyushu Universitys wind lens turbine is one
New Wind Power cheaper than nuclear 0:04:21
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The danger of using Deet to deter Mosquitos and why Incognito is the best organic, chemical free spray for your holiday
dont deet it 00:02:07
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American performance group and British artists, activists and art lovers
congregate in call for gallery to end its relationship with oil company

Monday (18 July) Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah choir joined with art activists, artist
Exorcism of BP sponsorship at the Tate
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In this brief talk, Saul Griffith unveils the invention his new company Makani Power has been working on: giant kite turbines that create surprising amounts of clean, renewable energy.
Kites for wind energy 00:05:23
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Al Gore launches a new climate change initiative for 2011
Al Gore 24 hours of reality 00:01:28
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Arctic oil drillers Cairn Energy are refusing to publish their oil spill response plan. So we sent about 50 polar bears to the Cairn HQ in Edinburgh to find it ourselves
Wheres the arctic response plan 00:01:24
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